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Most people use a real estate agent when they’re ready to buy a new property or sell a property that no longer serves their needs. Then, they’ll look for a separate property manager when they need to lease, manage, and maintain their investment property. 

Why not streamline and simplify? 

It saves time and money to work with a company that does both. 

There are several important benefits to working with a property management partner that also offers real estate services. 

Charlotte Property Management and Investment Lifecycles

Smart investors are thinking about both the short term and long term opportunities when it comes to their investment property

You need to consider what is needed in terms of the potential scope of your growing portfolio. Each real estate investment has its own life cycle, and even while the process is different for everyone, you will recognize these steps in the cycle:

  • You identify an opportunity
  • You negotiate a deal
  • You make repairs or renovations
  • You rent out the home 

The rental process alone will also have its own unique steps. There’s marketing, showing, screening, and leasing. Then, there’s ongoing management and lease enforcement. You have to think about routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance. Tenant relationships. 

Having one company responsible for the entire lifecycle can keep everything pertaining to your property consistent, efficient, and profitable. Property managers who also do real estate can provide a full-service investment plan that covers the entire growth of your investment – from conception to sale. It allows you to work with the same partners at every step of the process. 

Real estate agents on their own will help you buy and sell property. Property managers on their own will help you lease, manage, and maintain that same property.

Why not work with a team that does both? It’s more efficient, more rewarding, and all the accountability and applause lands at the same place.

Saving Time and Money with One-Stop Shopping

The real estate market in Charlotte, Matthews, Ballantyne, Monroe, Indian Trail, and the surrounding areas is competitive, especially now. Interest rates have been trending higher, and finding a property to buy or to rent isn’t as easy as it was when the markets were slower and the prices were lower. 

When you’re looking to grow your portfolio or invest for the first time, prepare for a lot of competition. 

As an investor, it’s important that you’re prepared. You’ll want to move quickly through the steps of acquiring an investment property, preparing it for the rental market, and leasing it to good tenants. 

With a consistent team of professionals helping you through every part of the process, you save yourself a lot of time and money. There’s less vacancy, fewer surprise expenses, and a single commission to pay to one company instead of several. 

When your property manager also helps you identify investment opportunities and negotiate favorable details, you’ll be able to transition seamlessly from one step of the process to the next. Your property manager will know the rental home and what it needs even before you close. All the necessary work can be planned in advance and you’ll save money by getting that property on the market faster – with less vacancy.

Saving time is just as valuable as saving money. As you move efficiently through the investment cycle with a professional who has done every part of this many times before, you’re going to have better results. You’ll run into fewer roadblocks and there will be much less waiting around for options to be explored and decisions to be made. 

Essentially, you have a competitive advantage in a busy real estate market when you work with a company providing both real estate and property management services.

Leveraging Accountability and Prioritizing Communication

Team of ProfessionalsWhen it comes to renting out a home in Charlotte, Stallings, Mooresville, Concord, Pineville, Huntersville, or any of the surrounding areas, there’s nothing more important than customer service. When you have the benefit of working with the same team of professionals as real estate agents and property managers, you can count on a much better experience as a buyer, a seller, and a rental property owner. 

You can also count on more transparency and accountability. You’ll know who you’re dealing with, and they’ll know you. They’ll also understand your investment goals and your challenges as well as your weaknesses.

Property management and real estate businesses are all about relationships. You and your management team will get to know each other while navigating the purchase process. You’ll have shared your expectations and set some goals together. This leads to more accountability and a drive to do better for you and your portfolio. 

It will also lead to a customized management plan when it’s time to rent out the investment you’ve purchased. 

Your property manager is going to work hard to keep your business. They’ll know that you can go to any other agent when you need someone to help you buy and sell. They’ll provide a higher standard of care during every lease period, tenancy, and lease renewal. They’ll make sure their vendors and contractors are treating you well and offering the best prices. 

You’ll also have an experienced real estate agent looking for ways to grow your portfolio. They’ll know when it’s time to sell, where the market is trending, and how you can leverage your current investment properties to grow your portfolio. 

There are a number of benefits to using the same company as a real estate partner and a property management partner. We have been doing this for our valued clients for years, working with investors in Charlotte as well as Waxhaw, Fort Mill, Harrisburg, Wesley Chapel, Midland, Kannapolis, and other local areas. 

Talk to us about what you’re hoping to accomplish. We know we can help. 

Please contact us at Wess Cason Realty. We provide real estate and property management services in Charlotte and the surrounding areas in Mecklenburg, Union, and Cabarrus County. 

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Wess Cason has over 30 years of residential real estate experience to include property management and associated repair projects. His maintenance team is now expanding their repair & renovation scope beyond property management services to our neighborhood community. We are local and own our offices located in Matthews. We service where we live.

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