There is a notion in property management that all management companies are the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not a commodity like sugar or coffee that you buy on the future stock exchange. Every company is different and every company has a different philosophy and approach. You need to find out what philosophy the company you’re working with has and if they really care about your property or if it’s just another widget to them.

Understand the Company Culture

Every business has its own unique culture. At Wess Cason Realty, our company culture is one of helpfulness. We choose helpful staff that are really going to care about what they do. We want our culture to embrace service to our clients. We set our standard of service with the golden rule. We want to treat our customers and clients the same way we would want to be treated. We are certainly not perfect, but we strive every day to give a good as gold experience to our clients. If there is a situation where we fumble the ball, we own it and will be sure to make it right with you.

Technology is Key

Some companies use technology and others do not. At Wess Cason Realty, we use cutting-edge technology to be more efficient and provide the best service to our clients. Some firms do business the way they have always done it. Other firms look for changes to make things better. We are not afraid of making a change to better serve our clients and our customers.

One of the ways we use technology is through Appfolio, a cutting-edge technology that allows us to manage our properties from almost anywhere, even through our smartphones. Tenants make their rent payments online, and owners are paid directly to their ACH bank account. Financial statements are sent to their owner portal so that they can see them at any time. Repair requests are sent directly to our smartphones so that we can manage the repairs efficiently and effectively.

With, we can show properties quickly and more efficiently so that we can get them rented faster, saving our owners money.

Property Management Fees and Prices

Another way that property management companies are different is with fee structures. Some companies will nickel and dime their owners. You may be quoted a very low rate, but then you’ll be charged for every single service they provide. At Wess Cason Realty, we don’t do that. We charge a tenant procurement fee and then a monthly management fee. We do not charge extra for writing a lease, renewing a lease, or making property inspections. All of those fees are included. We do our best to try to keep it simple with no surprises.

Communication as a Priority

When it comes to communication, not all property management companies are the same. We like to go the extra mile by providing a handbook to our tenants as well as our owners. This way we are being forthright and upfront to help establish what our policies are so there are no surprises. Not only do we offer the handbooks, but we also have the portals for online access. This way tenants and owners can reach out to us.

Availability and Accessibility

Availability and AccessibilityOne of the things you will want to know for sure is the availability of the property managers. Some firms work from 9-5, Monday through Friday, and some even close half a day on Friday. Therefore, they are only available to answer you during those certain hours. At Wess Cason Realty, we may doze, but we will never close. We are always accessible and we always have someone on call after hours. We can always be reached by email, phone call, or text message. If you have an urgent matter, we will respond immediately. If it is non-urgent, we will follow up on the next business day. Availability is very important and the number one complaint we hear a lot about other firms. We do our best to be available and to be timely in our responses.

Find a Charlotte property management company that fits you and the needs of your investment. If you have any questions, please contact us at Wess Cason Realty.

Photo of Wess CasonWess Cason, Owner/Broker

Wess Cason has over 30 years of residential real estate experience to include property management and associated repair projects. His maintenance team is now expanding their repair & renovation scope beyond property management services to our neighborhood community. We are local and own our offices located in Matthews. We service where we live.

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Photo of Jonathan CasonJonathan Cason, Director of Operations

Jonathan Cason is our Director of Operations. Jonathan brings 20 years+ of top-notch customer service experience to the table that includes mortgage lending, property management, and real estate. He is excited about bringing such a well diverse team to the SE Charlotte area and to your homes!

During his personal time, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and spending as much time as he can outdoors hiking, fishing, and golfing.

Laura Suitor, Team CoordinatorPhoto of Laura Suitor

Laura Suitor is our Office Manager and serves as the Team Coordinator for Handyman Matters of South Charlotte. She is well experienced in residential needs having coordinated the repairs for 160 rental homes in the Charlotte market.

Photo of Bethany MartinBethany Martin, Team Coordinator

Bethany Martin comes to the Wess Cason Realty team with over 10 years of Property Management experience. Bethany is always committed to providing the very best in service and professionalism to all of Wess Cason’s clients!

When she is not at work, greeting everyone with a warm smile, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 children, taking day trips to the mountains and attending as many concerts as she can!

Photo of Jason SuitorJason Suitor, Maintenance Operations Manager

Jason Suitor is our Lead Craftsman and has a wide variety of maintenance skills. From tile work, luxury vinyl flooring, drywall work to faucets, fans and disposals, Jason has done it all. With over 10 years of experience, Jason consistently gets 5 Star Reviews for his work

Photo of Alyssa Cason TobinAlyssa Cason Tobin, MBA

Director of Marketing

Alyssa heads the marketing department , bringing over 10 years of experience across a variety of channels. Focused on building and growing Wess Cason Realty, Alyssa ensures that all marketing, advertising and branding activities are on message and bring value to those in our area.  Being the daughter of the owner, Alyssa considers herself truly blessed to work with family every day in this new business adventure.

On her off time, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children, family outings, shopping and traveling when she can!